The other day I chose a tune by Fastway to feature as my Power 96 Cool One. This British rock band was put together by former Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clark and UFO bassist Pete Way. They rounded out their band with former Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and unknown singer Dave King. Unfortunately, before they could even get into the studio, Way had to leave the band due to contractual obligations with Chrysalis records and Mick Feat was brought in to handle the bass duties, although he remains uncredited on their self-titled debut release.

Through different line-up changes the band went on to release they went on to release several albums before hanging it up in 1991. There was one more album released from Fastway in 2011. They are supposedly still together today; keep up with the band through their Facebook page.

If you liked what you heard of these rockers out of the '80s, then check out the following sampling of some of their singles:

  • 1

    We Become One

    This was their first single from their self-titled debut in 1983.

  • 2

    Say What You Will

    This is probably their most recognizable single. I love this tune.

  • 3

    Easy Livin'

    This is a totally differnt song from the one by the same title from Uriah Heep.

  • 4

    All Fired Up

    Straight ahead rock n' roll never sounded so good. This single is the title-track from their second album, released in 1984.

  • 5

    I've Had Enough

    This rocker comes from 1990's Bad Bad Girls album.

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