In the midst of a dreary summer for blockbusters, Star Trek Beyond was a light in the darkness, returning the rebooted franchise to the fun, funny, and exciting roots of its 2009 predecessor. But even a cast as professional and talented as this one made plenty of mistakes, the best of which are preserved forever in the newly released Star Trek Beyond blooper reel.

While these movies aren’t exactly comedies (even though they feature plenty of funny moments) the cast is made up of some of the most hilarious individuals in Hollywood. The gag reel starts out with Simon Pegg as Scotty making an ill-timed sex joke, and just rockets forward from there. Zachary Quinto’s voice cracks, Chris Pine threatens to go “full Shat,” and Greg Grunberg stumbles over a line, calling instead for a “proctology protocol,” which sounds even more sinister than Krall himself. Later, one of the sliding doors fails to open far enough for anyone to get through, and Pine and Karl Urban practice their “mildly sexual” alcohol-appreciating noises.

One of the marks of a cast that works well together is when an actor isn’t afraid to flub a take just to get in a funny joke, and it’s clear that this is a cast who all get along superbly. — their heartfelt responses to Anton Yelchin’s passing are evidence of this. The gag reel was released ahead of the Blu-ray and DVD, which come out next month on November 1, and will have a tribute to Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy among the special features.

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