Trekkies rejoice, it's Star Trek Day. A day to honor Gene Roddenbery's sci-fi creation of the pioneering television series that followed the weekly adventures of the very diverse crew of the USS Enterprise. The first season aired in September of 1966, three seasons and 79 episodes later the show was abruptly cancelled. Released into syndication, several years later, the show reached cult status spawning movies, television shows, conventions, fan productions and all kinds of merchandise. states that, "The best and easiest way to celebrate Star Trek Day is simply taking the time to marathon the original series. Take care on the first episode, it is easily rated as one of the most spooky and unnerving of all episodes, and Spock is to blame. They hadn’t established that Vulcan’s lacked emotion at that point, so there’s a shocking surprise for those unfamiliar with the episode. Put together some themed snacks and pull your old uniforms out of the closet, no better way to get in the spirit of Star Trek Day!"

"Live long and prosper."

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