It's one of those shows that makes you wonder how you would perform if you got to play on it. When I am visiting my parents and the show is on, my mom and I usually play along. Last night's episode was a little different in that one contestant's Final Jeopardy answer left Alex Trebek near tears. 

Last night was a Tournament of Champions episode which was filmed right after Alex Trebek announced that he was undergoing another round of chemotherapy for his pancreatic cancer
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The contestant who wrote the message to Alex was Dhruv Gaur, who is a Brown University college student majoring in economics and public health. USA Today wrote that Gaur seemed "stumped during the Final Jeopardy question and instead of throwing out an answer, the 2018 College Champion decided to write a kind message for the beloved TV host."

Trebek shared that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March and things seemed to be going well but then in October he announced that he would be going back for another round of chemotherapy for the Stage 4 cancer.

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