The Cottonwood trees are losing their fluff, it's blowing all over as the trees are letting go of their seeds after pollination. This process can sometimes take a few weeks, which means a lot of fluff blowing around and accumulating on the ground. It almost looks like it's snowing, almost.

Not only is this fluff blowing and accumulating, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, but you could also be experiencing allergy symptoms, which I do. Thank God for antihistamines. The rainy past couple of days have helped out with the Cottonwood fluff as well.

Fire officials are putting out this warning about that fluff, it is extremely flammable. Do not burn it to get rid of it as you are out doing your yard work. Your best bet is to sweep those piles out of the way and dispose of them like other yard waste. The Bloomington Fire Chief said that a home was damaged after another resident set fire to the Cottonwood seeds that quickly grew out of control, this past Saturday.

Source: MPR News

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