"Man, I could really use an eyelid massage right now" ... I've heard no one say ever.

But now that were talking about it, that does sound kind of nice, doesn't it?

Well, turns out there is a new treatment for those with dry eye called MiBoFlo. Basically it's an eyelid massage.

Think about it, most of us stare at computer screens for a lot of our day which can cause dry eye if you don't already have it. No wonder this type of massage is in demand!

Dr. Brooke Messer of the Cornea and Contact Lens Institute of Minnesota is a doctor in the Twin Cities who performs these eyelid massages.

In a recent interview with WCCO, Messer states that with MiBoFlo "we actually massage the eyelid with a heated wand to melt the oils and then the massage actually encourages the expression of those old stagnant oils out of the glands. It’s something that helps us heal faster versus using eye drops or topical medications."

Turns out, this treatment is actually relatively affordable too! This is sounding more and more appealing.

Learn more about MiBoFlo here.


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