I really don't know why I always thought this was free to begin with, I guess I haven't flown in a while!

Delta will soon be offering free WiFi for all of their passengers!

Delta's CEO, Ed Bastian, told people at the Skift Global Forum in New York that they're planning on offering free WiFi to all passengers... soon. No one actually knows when. He said, when addressing the audience at the Skift Global Forum, “'I don’t know of anywhere else, besides in an airplane, that you can’t get free Wi-Fi. We’re going to make it free.'”

Great but when? WiFi has been free almost everywhere for a long, long time. Maybe I assumed the WiFi was free on planes because it just seems so obvious that it should be.

I'm also wondering if this announcement happened because people aren't too happy that they increased the cost of checked bags. Who knows!




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