Here’s the ballsiest move of 2021.

Someone in San Benito, Texas decided to put their exceptional weed growing skills on full display.

Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza tweeted out pictures of a big ol’ marijuana plant that was growing in front of a home there. They planted that sucker right there next to the front door.

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I’m sure it made for some easy upkeep. Why head out to some secret room and jack with some complicated hydroponic system when you can just open the front door and throw a little water on that thing and call it good?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that someone like a sheriff’s deputy might actually spot it in all of its bushy green glory, confiscate it and haul your ass to jail. Which is kind of what happened, anyway.

It’s clear from the pictures that the deputies chopped it down and confiscated the plant, but Sheriff Garza didn’t say whether or not anyone was taken into custody.

He did say that they found a felony amount of marijuana plants and a little bit of cocaine on the property, so I’m guessing that yes, someone did get hauled to jail.

So now, instead of counting the days until they’re smoking and most likely peddling a little homegrown Mary Jane, they’re counting the days until a judge and jury bring the hammer down on them.

And that’s a damn shame. Because it’s high time the Lone Star State got with the times and legalized the cultivation and use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.

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