This morning my Hit of the Day came from a band called Montrose. I've liked this band since I was a teenager, just discovering bands that weren't quite as popular as the likes of the Stones or Zeppelin. This band featuring the last name and guitar work of Ronnie Montrose and the lead vocals of frontman Sammy Hagar recorded two albums together, the self-titled Montrose and Paper Money. According to, Sammy lit out on his own to pursue a solo career after the tour for Paper Money due to "escalating tensions between Ronnie Montrose and Hagar." Which is too bad, those first two albums are great examples of early '70s rock, with Montrose still trying to find its way in the world of music. Although Hagar went on to a successful solo career, it would be fun to hear the music these two accomplished artists could have created.

Here's five tracks from the first two Montrose albums just to give you a taste of what you could be listening to. Pick up their albums or The Very Best of Montrose to get an even better idea of the great music they created.

  • 1

    Rock the Nation

    Released in 1973, this is the first track from self-titled debut album, Montrose.

  • 2

    Space Station #5

    A strange, trippy intro begins this intense rocker.

  • 3

    Good Rockin' Tonight

    This is originally a jump blues tune released by Roy Brown back in 1947.

  • 4


    From the second studio album, Paper Money, this is another cover of a song by Chunky, Novi and Ernie.

  • 5

    I Got the Fire

    This is one of my favorite tracks off of Paper Money.

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