Some disturbing news from a town located off of Highway 14 in Southern Minnesota. A woman found her Yorkshire terrier–Shih Tzu mix dead from an apparent gunshot wound in her yard.  The Claremont woman has taken to social media to find the person or persons responsible for her pet's death. 

In a video interview with the Dodge County Independent Michele Swift states that she has been living in Claremont for about 20 years and on Thursday night came out to find one of her three dogs shot dead in her yard.

Captain Ryer Anderson told the Rochester Post Bulletin that there are no suspects and the case has been closed. An incident report from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office indicated that a deputy spoke with farmers working in their fields in the area and one reported seeing a white SUV they didn’t recognize. Another reported a black Ford F-350, four-door pickup, but neither reported seeing them stop or drive into the Swift family’s driveway.

The Post Bulletin article also stated that in the incident report that Sophie was shot with a .357-caliber firearm or larger in front of her hind legs and near her spine. and in a social media post from Swift, stated that the family’s home sits on about 6 acres, has an underground fence and is surrounded by corn fields. Swift in the video posted to social media urges anyone who might be able to help find out who shot her dog to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.

This, however, isn't the first such case in the area. According to a KAAL-TV report in June, a pet mastiff was killed in Dodge Center, which is located eight miles east of Claremont.

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