The first official day of autumn is this Friday, September 21. Although this season is a great time of the year with beautiful sunny days, colorful fall leaves, bonfires, decorations and kids trick-or-treating for Halloween, families gathering at Thanksgiving and that crisp clean smell to the air, there's always that little twinge in the back of my mind reminding that all that is going to end with the first heavy snowfall and temperatures plunging below zero.

I'll admit that winter has it's share of fun activities like snowmobiling, skating, skiing, sledding and of course everyone's favorite, Christmas and more but I still would rather skip most of the season of snow altogether. I say "most of the season" because the first couple of snowfalls are always fun to see and the kids like to go out and play in it but after that, well, you know, too much of a good thing...

I recently came across a poll that ranked each state by how miserable their winters are. According to, Hawaii fares the best in their survey, no big surprise there. Where does Minnesota fall? You'll have to check out the poll for yourself. Enjoy!

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