I love the PBS show 'Antiques Roadshow'. There is just something about people bringing treasured items that have been handed down from generation to generation to share the story and to see what if any value is associated with it. It's always awesome when a person finds out it's a rare Tiffany lamp or 17th-century snuff box that was actually owned by Napoleon. The reactions are priceless! Well, a college here in SE Minnesota might just have a VERY RARE painting on their hands and they didn't even know it until now! St. Olaf's in Northfield is now looking into whether a painting that's been hanging in its halls since 1999 could be the work of the famous Norwegian artist.

The famous artist is Edvard Munch, who is the guy behind the Scream painting. On Monday, the college will scientifically authenticate a portrait of violinist Eva Mudocci to see if it's a genuine Munch. The painting, dubbed "Eva," was donated to St. Olaf in 1999 as part of alumni Richard Tetlie's 2,000-piece collection.

In a news release on Friday, the college said that recently discovered letters and auction records "corroborate the existence of this unfinished painting."

Oles and the public can view “Eva” in person and hear from experts discussing their process on Tuesday, October 2, from 4-5 p.m. in Viking Theater in Buntrock Commons. Results from the analysis will be shared publicly several weeks later.

Image Credit: St. Olaf College News Release
Image Credit: St. Olaf College News Release

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