The haunted Vicksburg Cemetery is located in Renville County, Minnesota. It's between the towns of Renville and Delhi in the town of Vicksburg. Vicksburg has been a ghost town since 1878.

To get to this cemetery you have to walk down a heavily wooded path to a small clearing. Since the town is a ghost town it's not surprising that its cemetery is considered haunted.

Haunted Vicksburg Cemetery Minnesota
Overhead view of the haunted Vicksburg Cemetery (Google Maps)

There have been reports of many weird things happening at the Vicksburg Cemetery. We'll start with the slightly more believable ones. One visitor has claimed to see an apparition of a woman and another visitor says they heard laughter that came from nowhere.

Now for the less believable stuff: some have claimed to see one of the headstones glow and that in the spring it sprouts bleeding flowers.

Even if you don't believe in any of that stuff, this cemetery is definitely intriguing. I mean, this place has been a ghost town since 1878. It's such an old cemetery that the headstones are falling apart.

Vicksburg Haunted Cemetery
Vicksburg Cemetery headstone (Matt Zaske via Flickr)

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