What happened to McDonald's healthier kick they were going on? Seems they've put that by the wayside. Coming soon to a McDonald's near you, if you're near it, Donut fries.


Wow, my heart just skipped a couple beats just typing that. What could be healthier than fries actually made out of donuts?  My guess, just about everything.

The donut fries will be part of the breakfast menu starting next month and you can order either six or a dozen off the breakfast menu.

I would think they would sell better late night. Sounds like good, solid stoner food to me.

In all fairness, McDonald's did add some healthy stuff to their menu awhile back. I just never think "salad" when I'm going to McDonald's. And they now offer fruit chips or something with the Happy Meals. So there's that.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how the donut fries go over and I'm betting they will be available late night, too.  wink wink.

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