Not much afternoon delight in this doorbell camera video from North Minneapolis Crime Watch and Information yesterday afternoon. The video shows two people walking past the camera, with a timestamp in the corner showing it's 4:25 in the afternoon, triggering the camera to turn on and record. A short time after the two walk by the camera, and go along the side of the house, you begin to hear loud pops. Those pops are most likely gunfire, and I counted 14 pops ring out in quick order.

After the 14 pops, you see one individual run by the camera followed shortly afterward by the second person, who seems to be holding something in their right hand.

When the popping noises begin on the camera, which is focused on the street, you see a vehicle slow down and stop, while another car heading in the opposite direction just cruises on by. After both individuals run by, the driver of the car seems to rev the engine and then begins to move again.

It's not clear at this time if there was anyone injured in the possible shooting that was audibly captured on the Ring doorbell camera.

Recently KARE-11 in the Twin Cities featured a story that the City of Minneapolis is offering up $30,000 in rewards for information leading to arrests surrounding the recent shootings of 3 children, one of which was fatal.

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