I've been doing some spring cleaning, and my poor garage is filling up with old electronic devices. Printers, old phones, Old tablets, Old laptops.

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I started searching the internet to see if there was something I could do with these devices that would make it easier to get rid of them, and I found this. Have you ever heard of the Eco ATM?


This was the first time I'd ever heard of this, but these kiosks are located at Walmart's all over central Minnesota, including St. Cloud, Monticello, Little Falls, Elk River, and more; as well as at Crossroads Mall.


The Eco ATM will look at your old phone, tablet or Mp3 player. You just plug it in and let the machine do its work. The Kiosk will price each item based on the model, condition and current value on the market. It's important for you to know, that you don't have to sell your item. You can have the Eco ATM check it out, and then it will give you the option if you want to trade it in or not. If you decide you don't want to trade it in, it will give the item back to you.


If you do decide to trade it in, the Eco ATM will offer you a price, and if you accept that price, it will give you cash on the spot! If you want to see what the estimate of your item will be before you bring it to the ATM, you can go HERE now and check it out.

The Eco ATM will also recycle any chargers, cables, or phone cases and other accessories, but it does not pay you for these items. It IS however, a great way to dispose of your electronic devices.

It is recommended that you have your phone fully charged before you bring it to the Eco ATM, but it will work if you don't have it charged. It will take longer if it's not charged.

What happens to your device once you bring it in? Well.. if  it's something that still usable, it will be reused. If it is not, it will be recycled. Most electronics contain toxins that are harmful to the environment, so this is a great way for you to do your part in getting rid of them in a responsible way.

Even though you aren't working with a person at the ATM, rest assured, that you must present your photo ID, and there is someone online helping with the transaction, so stolen items will not be accepted.

The whole process takes between 3-5 minutes...a great way for you to get some instant cash!

If you want to learn more, just click HERE!


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