When you see, normally active, busy cities like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco -- and suddenly their not active or busy -- it gives you this eerie feeling. It's like watching some kind of post-apocalyptic movie.

But it is also strangely peaceful and  -- in some of the drone footage shots -- actually beautiful.

With more and more states establishing 'shelter in place' and 'stay at home', this will be a common sight in many American cities -- for at least a little while. We can only hope that people actually do it, so we can get back to some kind of "normal life". Even though we don't know what that will look like yet, I bet it's going to be different than our old normal.

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There are many negatives to this, and if it lasts long enough, they could be quite severe. There might be some positives that might come out of it as well. But like I said, our normal way of life will change after the dust settles. Here are some ways that this could -- or will -- change life as we know it.

  • Brings some families closer together.
  • Less pollution - It will give our planet a break from us.
  • Make society better prepared to deal with these type of crisis's in the future.
  • Major advancements in medicine and health-care system.
  • Changes in the educational system.
  • An possible increase in American production.
  • Gives society a reset and a chance to re-think what's really important.

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