With sub-zero temps and nasty wind-chill readings, it's safe to say that no one is looking forward to this month's heating bill. Below you'll see 5 easy tips on how to keep the cold out and the heat in.

1) Putting plastic up on your windows. Did you know this thin plastic insulation can help keep as much as 70% of your heat from escaping?

2) Change your filters! Your furnace is working extremely hard to keep your house at a comfortable temp. Make sure you routinely replace the filter to maximize its efficiency.

3) Door draft guards. These slide under your door and prevent cold air from entering your house. You can typically get them for about 10 bucks at any Home Improvement store.

4) Is your fan spinning the correct way? Make sure your ceiling fans move in a clockwise direction. When they move this way the blades help push the hot air back down toward the floor.

5) Make sure your vents aren't covered. Check your vents daily - especially if you have kids. Mine are always leaving toys or pillows on top of the vent which blocks the warm airflow.

Those are 5 basic tips that any homeowner can use to keep their house warm and their heating expenses low.

Want to learn more ways to save while improving your home?

Get energy saving tips and home improvement advice from the pros at the Rochester Home, Vacation & RV Show, presented by Universal Marine and RV.

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Mayo Civic Center

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