Kirk Cousins officially signed on as the new quarterback for the Vikings! Besides the fact that he's getting paid an insane amount of money, there are some other interesting things you should know about our new quarterback. Here are 5 things you need to know about Kirk Cousins:

He has thrown over 4,000 yards in three consecutive seasons.

According to a Vikings article, written by Lindsey Young, during each of those three seasons he "has posted a completion percentage of 64 percent or higher, a passer rating of at least 93.9 and ranked in the top 10 in the NFL for passing yards." I'm already really excited to have him on the team!

He is a Midwest native.

Cousins was born in Barrington, IL, went to Holland Christian High School in Holland, MI, and was a Spartan at Michigan State. So the Midwest is not a new place for him!

He will now be playing with some of his rookie classmates.

Some of the guys that were in the same rookie class in 2012, where Cousins was picked up by Washington, play for the Vikings. He will now be playing with rookie classmates safety Harrison Smith and receiver Jarius Wright.


And now for the fun, fun facts:

He is obsessed with Shake Shack.

Yes, I agree with him, Shake Shack is amazing! If you haven't checked it out there's one that opened in 2016 in the Mall of America. Delicious food and shakes! Young says in her article, "according to ESPN's John Keim, it became a post-win ritual for Cousins to stop at a Shake Shack in the D.C. area for a burger."

He really likes to watch HGTV.

In ESPN's John Keim's interview with Cousins, Cousins says his favorite HGTV shows are Fixer Upper and Vacation House for Free. I understand this so much, Fixer Upper is a show I can sit and watch for hours! Cousins says he likes to watch these shows and dream about owning a house with his wife, Julie, some day.



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