In college I danced. A TON. Dance was basically my life and I thank dance for keeping me fit during those years that I ate whatever appeared in front of me or whatever was easiest to make. Now that I'm not in college anymore I suddenly find myself in a predicament I haven't had to really face before... I might need to get a gym membership.

Yah, that's what makes me nervous, gyms. I've always been a small person (thanks softball and dance) and so now that I don't always have dance and softball to help me stay in shape I can't take my fitness for granted anymore. And since I live in an apartment, at-home workouts aren't really an option. A gym membership it is then! But like I said, I'm nervous. Here are some reasons why.

It's intimidating.

This is a fear I think a lot of people have. When you think of going to a gym you almost always go straight to the thought that everyone is going to be fit and they'll look at you funny while you huff and puff on the treadmill. I've thought about this scenario too many times.

The gross machines.

I've been to a gym before and I know that they usually have towels and cleaning spray to use before and after you use the machine, but how clean does that actually get it? Maybe this isn't a worry I should have though, I'm just going to sweat a bunch like everyone else and then go shower after.

I might use a machine incorrectly and break it... or myself.

The few times I've gone to a gym this is always something I've worried about. I stand there staring at these crazy looking machines and wonder how to use it, how to adjust it to my height and the weight I need, and how to not break the machine while also not breaking myself.

They'll pressure me into getting a personal trainer.

I hate being pressured to purchase something. I would love to try out a personal trainer at some point but I do not have the money for that and I get the feeling when they see me struggling to use machines they'll tell me all of the perks about having a personal trainer to help me.

If any of you have suggestions for how I can get over these fears or suggestions for good gyms, let me know!


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