Travis Temke has a résumé that includes co-founding Faribault-based F-Town Brewing Co., which has operated a brewery and taproom since 2015. During that time F-Town’s brands have developed a statewide distribution network. So what's next? How about another microbrewery, restaurant, and banquet hall in St Paul? Sure! Oh, and do it all in an old firehouse on top of it. 

A proposal to repurpose the historic fire station in St. Paul could begin construction this year after getting approval on Friday from the St. Paul Planning Commission. Travis and his wife Justine are now only needing sign-offs from the mayor’s office and a title transfer from the City Council to turn the vacant building at 754 Randolph Ave. into a microbrewery, taproom and banquet hall.

The city received dozens of offers on the fire station but chose the Temke proposal in December 2017 after deciding to sell the building earlier that year. Fire Engine House No. 10, was built in 1885 and expanded in 1910, ceased operating as a fire station in 2010. The building is located just two blocks north of West Seventh Street.

According to the cost associated with the building rehab and clean up is estimated at $2.2 to $2.5 million which includes restoring the 9,600-square-foot structure, replacing the pedestrian and garage doors, replacing the floors, making widespread electrical and mechanical updates, and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and installing the plumbing needed for brewing operations.

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