It is Fall, and we are enjoying the nicer temps and sunny skies during the daytime hours, and then the cooler temps at night. The trees are so colorful and pretty, and the smell of burning leaves is in the air. This means that it is time for the deep cleaning at my house.

Deep cleaning is more than just making the house "company clean" it's moving furniture, chasing away dust, cleaning out cabinets, etc. Over the weekend, not only did I clean out kitchen cabinets, I also traded rooms with my daughter. Her bedroom has a door that leads into the bathroom, so I took over that room so it's almost like I have an "en-suite" bathroom. It's the little things that make me happy.

My daughter was thrilled to have the bigger room, so she was all about moving beds, vacuuming and dusting everything, we even washed the curtains. I don't think she is going to be as happy when I tackle the bathroom and living room. And she will really be unhappy when we clean out the fridge, which includes pulling it out and washing down the walls behind it. Yep, I expect her to help.

Do you do a deep clean in the Spring and Fall?

Cleaning House

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