Faribault City Administrator Tim Murray stopped by Bashers/Faribowl Center for a Faribault Community Day broadcast and revealed the city is receiving some CARES dollars from the state.

Murray stated, "The City of Faribault is getting just under 1.8 million dollars of those funds and one of the main things we want to use those funds for is economic relief for our local businesses.  Especially small businesses.  Our community development staff is working on a proposal that will come back to the Joint Committee of the City Council on July 7th.  Then ideally will be adopted by the City Council on July 14th."

"I view getting those funds out, we can also cover some of the costs we've incurred with those funds but I think from a long term standpoint obviously whatever we can do to help the economic vitality of the local businesses we should do.  We want to help in anyway we can so people should look in the middle of July for that program to come out."

Murray was glad to, "Finally see that happen yesterday."  The Governor released the funds.  Some state lawmakers felt the legislature should have had some say in the allocations.

Murray did say these will be significant awards for the businesses, "probably in that five to ten thousand dollar range."  That will all be finalized in July by the city council."

As soon as we see details about the program we will share them with you.

Faribault Fire Captain Matt Degrood during Faribault Community Day Broadcast at Bashers Faribowl Center. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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