The newest member of the Faribault City Council will be Sara Caron following an impressive showing in Tuesday's General Election.  Caron was the top vote recipient in every precinct with 5,514 total votes.

Incumbents Johnathan Wood and Royal Ross retain their seats with Wood getting 4.514 votes and Ross 3,641.

Former Council Member John Rowan was next with 3,270.  Faysel Ahmed-Ali had 2,296 votes cast for him and Adam Gibbons 2.207.

Mayor Kevin Voracek was running unopposed and 7,709 votes were marked for him.  There were 25 write-ins.

Here is the precinct by precinct breakdown for Faribault City Council:

Precinct 1

Sara Caron 1,201, Johnathan Wood 953, Royal Ross 794, John Rowan 611, Adam Gibbons 493, Faysel Ahmed-Ali 434

Precinct 2

Sara Caron 1,216, Johnathan Wood 955, Royal Ross 745, John Rowan 744, Faysel Ahmed-Ali 522, Adam Gibbons 471

Precinct 3

Sara Caron, 1,628, Johnathan Wood 1,394, Royal Ross 1,136, John Rowan 880, Faysel Ahmed-Ali 658, Adam Gibbons 651

Precinct 4

Sara Caron 1469, Johnathan Wood 1212, John Rowan 1,035, Royal Ross 966, Faysel Ahmed-Ali 682, Adam Gibbons 592



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