Early this past Saturday morning (Feb. 4) Kathryn Watson and her family and a couple of her children’s friends were lucky to escape a house fire that destroyed where they live as well as their belongings. Sadly, their pets didn’t make it out.

They’re being housed in a hotel by the Red Cross but will need to find new accommodations, furniture, clothing and household items in order to start over. To that end they have started a GoFundMe account and they’re asking for some help getting back on their feet. If there is anything you can afford to give, I know they would really appreciate it.

After going through a fire at my home several years ago, I can tell you how overwhelming and touching the generosity of our community was for my family in helping us to get through such a trying time. It’s emotionally devastating losing everything you have in the matter of minutes and finding out that there are people out there, that you know and don’t know, that are willing to come forward and help goes a long way toward recovering after a fire.

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