Faribault's Paradise Center for the Arts is hosting a gallery opening Friday, June 12 both in-person and online for those wanting to participate.

According to a press release from the Paradise Center for the Arts, the committee and participants are "excited to welcome the public to a gallery opening this Friday, June 12 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  This will be the first event at the theater since March.  Attendance will be limited and social distancing is required.  The Paradise Center for the Arts is also excited to announce that the event will be carried live on Facebook with artist interviews starting at 5:30 pm."

The opening will feature 6 artists in various galleries at the PCA. In the Carlander Family Gallery will be art from Lynette Yencho and Shawn Bagley.  In the Lois Vranesh Boardroom Gallery artists Elizabeth Wright and Corey Lyn are featured, with Janell Hammer in the Creger Memorial Gallery.  Tami Resler and Dianne Lockerby’s artwork is on display in the Hy-Vee Gallery.  The gallery exhibition runs from June 8 to July 25, 2020.

Some information on each of the 6 participating artists from the Paradise Center for the Arts press release.

Lynette Yencho has been an artist for 30 years. She lives in rural southern Minnesota with her husband Michael, Molly the Great Pyrenees, Annie the Airedale terrier, Eddie the cocker spaniel, and Gracie the cat.

Image Credit: Lynette Yencho

Shawn Bagley finds making pottery very therapeutic.  He said it is his passion and he enjoys the entire process from throwing the pot all the way to selling the finished product. He also enjoys getting to know people who share the same love for making something functional with your hands.

Image Credit: Shawn Bagley

Elizabeth Wright has enjoyed a long career focusing on the graphic and digital arts.
She currently enjoys digital photography while traveling with husband Marshall, and two Border Terriers. Most of her subjects are associated with water.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Wright

Janell Hammer said her art focuses primarily on the people around her who inspire her. She said each piece pulls from a different point in her life. She feels art is an inherently human thing that connects us.

Image Credit: Janell Hammer

Dianne Lockerby creates one of a kind functional stoneware pieces for the serving table.  She said, excess energy and relaxing therapeutic clay, join forces to help her create interesting pieces like the bit of ‘naughty’ surfaces in some of her sculptural leaf garden faces.

Tami Resler concentrates on surface decoration.  She said, carving, shaping, creating texture, and raku firing all keep her interested and coming back for more.

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