District 25 State Senator John Jasinski of Faribault today called on Governor Tim Walz to move faster in getting more businesses back to work.  The Republican released the following statement today (April 14, 2020) calling on the Governor to show more urgency in opening up Minnesota businesses.

"I have no doubt Governor Walz's heart was in the right place when he made the decision to close all but non-essential businesses, but with an unheard-of situation like this it is important to reevaluate decisions often.  After nearly three weeks, it's clear this decision should be adjusted.

"I am glad that more businesses have been allowed to reopen, but it's not nearly enough.  There are still countless businesses whose livelihoods are in jeopardy for no reason.  I have spoken often about the golf industry and their financial viability, but they are far from the only example.  If a business can find a way to safely operate, with minimal customer interaction and while maintaining safe social distancing practices, then that business should be able to do so.  It's as simple as that.

"We are not just facing an unprecedented public health crisis; we are also facing an unprecedented economic crisis.  In spite of generous government assistance and loan programs, there are numerous businesses that simply will not survive if we continue to force them to close.  The Governor needs to show far more urgency to get Minnesotans back on the job.

"We aren't saying flip the switch and go back to normal tomorrow.  All we are saying is if a business has a responsible plan to operate while protecting the health of their staff and customers, let's let them.  Every day we wait puts more businesses and more workers at risk."

Monday the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development added several businesses to the critical sectors list.  Dock installers, marinas and deck and fence installers.

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