Theresa Flintrop is a Faribault resident who crochets hats. And if you're thinking, huh, that name sounds familiar, well that's probably because we talked about her earlier this year when KARE 11's Alicia Lewis and Sven Songaard came to Faribault to visit her!

They received multiple amazing crocheted hats from Theresa earlier this year and they wanted to pay her a visit. And now she's done it again!

Yesterday, Alicia Lewis of KARE 11's Sunrise team opened up a package from Theresa to reveal... a newly crocheted turkey hat! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

It's a very cute hat and in the video from KARE 11 Alicia is ecstatic with her new hat.

Check out the video and the hat for yourself HERE!

If you're thinking you want a crocheted hat of your own or maybe you know someone that would love to receive one of these as a holiday present, you can email your order to Theresa at


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