When you hear that someone is serving pie what comes to mind? Apple, blueberry, rhubarb? Chicken pot pie? What about salmon? Nope. A quick Google of salmon pie makes it seem like it is rather popular in the Northeast and Canada, but I'm sticking with my guns here and going with a hard pass on this one.

The recipe is one that the Rice County Historical Society shared from a 1965 Faribault Extension Homemakers Cookbook. The recipe calls for salmon, tuna, or halibut as your main component to the dish. I have to imagine that this pie has the potential to smell awful.

The history of the fishy pie seems to be cloaked in secrecy as the origin is hazy. In Ireland, where there is a version of the pie, "the most popular form of salmon pie resembles more chicken pie, where distinct pieces of salmon are cooked in the pie" while in Canada, "In its Quebec version, the pie is a preparation of cooked salmon and mashed potatoes, which, themselves, may include other ingredients such as eggs, parsley, black pepper, onion, etc. which would normally enter in their preparation, by the household or region. The mixture is then placed between pie crusts and is otherwise prepared in the same manner as most other sweet and savory pies." according to a Wikipedia page for salmon pie.

Based on this knowledge the salmon pie recipe shared by the historical society seems to have a Canadian background.

If you decide you are brave enough to give this a go, send us a message with the app on how it tastes.

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