I think the same thing every year, "wow, Christmas is in 2 weeks, and I still have all of this stuff to get done, where am I going to find the time and money to do so?" And you know something, Christmas comes at the same time every year, which means I need to work on my time management skills, and it doesn't get easier as my daughter gets older.

So, this year, I decided that I am going to a few things that simplify the holiday while keeping the Christmas spirit alive. My tree is up and decorated, and I have a fake poinsettia out, as the real ones are poisonous to cats, and I am not going to decorate any more than that this year. I am not going out and buying all sorts of Christmas presents, Jesus only got 3, so I refuse to go into debt for more presents for my children to open.

I am paying more attention to the people in my life, and setting aside time to spend with them, we have a Christmas movie night planned this weekend for some friends, and a bowling outing planned with other friends, instead of gifts. It's more important to me and my family to just be present, instead of getting presents. However, if you're looking to get someone a gift, who already has everything they want/need, consider a gift card to a local restaurant, tickets to a movie or play, or even making them a meal and sharing it with them. I see my daughters both appreciating the time I spend with them, over the tangible gifts, and it makes my heart feel so full.

If you need some other ideas for that hard to buy for person, I found this site quite helpful. And, never underestimate Amazon.com, if you have Prime, they offer free shipping on just about everything.

A grandmother and her granddaughter decorate a gingerbread house at Christmas.

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