My son is too old for me to take advantage of Take-a-Kid Fishing weekend in Minnesota, but I have great memories of doing so in the past. And it just might be the perfect way to connect with your kids. Friday, June 11 through Sunday, June 13 the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources allows adults to fish without a license as long as they take a child 15 or younger with them.

I have great memories of hitting some fishing holes with my son under this promotion years ago. I didn't grow up fishing with my day, but my son found an interest in the sport through his time in Boy Scouts. I simply enjoyed the time together. In his elementary days, he was a bit more laser-focused on catching something.

We caught a few fish, and maybe a boot or two, over time. But the act of being together for a few hours and taking in nature was the real prize. Fishing was also a great source of entertainment for him with relatives and friends on vacations.

The MNDNR's Benji Kohn, a volunteer mentor says in a news release, "Time spent fishing with kids tends to be full of smiles, fun and connection. Fishing can teach kids patience, build their confidence and turn into a great family bonding experience."

The news release also includes information to assist adults who aren't fishing experts, like me, on fishing basics and locations. Fishing regulations and other rules must still be followed.

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