The 2020 growing season was very good for raising soybeans according to the Minnesota Soybean Growers. In 2020 there were five counties in Minnesota that averaged over 60 bushel an acre soybean yields. Faribault County has the highest soybean yield at 63.4 bushel an acre. Waseca County was second at 63.1, followed by Nicollet 61.7, Brown 60.8, and Watonwan at 60.5 bushel an acre.

Overall soybean farmers in Minnesota produced 359 million bushel of soybeans in 2020. That was up from 297 million bushels in 2019. Both Redwood and Faribault County soybean farmers produced 11.3 million bushel of soybeans and 11 million bushel were produced in Polk County.

David Key the Research Director for the Minnesota Soybean Growers told me there were three reasons we saw such good soybean yields in 2020. We got the soybean crop planted very early with ideal planting conditions. There was plenty of sunshine and it was never too dry or too wet. Finally there was very little disease and insect pressure in 2020. Lets hope "Mother Nature" cooperates in 2021 too!

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