When you go to a professional sporting event you can usually expect to pay a ton for food and drinks. I went to a Twins game this past season and I paid around $15 or something for a beer. Ridiculous! Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium is saying "no freaking way" to those insane prices, even during the Super Bowl!

The Falcon's stadium has a "Fan First Menu Pricing" policy that they live by and the Falcon's president and CEO, Rich McKay, says that the fact that it's the Super Bowl doesn't make it any different. He tells ESPN that all fans are their customers when they step in the stadium and they "want to treat all those customers the same and give them the same experience in food and beverage."

Get this, you'll be able to get a hot dog at the big game for just $2! That's $4 cheaper than what Super Bowl goers were charged at US Bank Stadium last year. And beer? Some will be as low as $5! Other insanely cheap food includes cheeseburgers at $5, nachos with cheese at $3, and refillable pop at $2. And other sporting venues don't do this because...?

Yes, you'll have to spend an arm and a leg on tickets to get into the Super Bowl game but at least you'll know you won't go broke buying food once you get in there!


Source: ESPN


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