You can leave the regular tubes on land, there's something new that's pretty much an inflatable body suit that you should try instead! It's called a sumo tube and it's basically a tube that you put around your body rather than laying on it.

It looks like you put the tube on like a dress and then off you go. You can cruise behind a boat like on a regular tube or you could also try sumo wrestling, becoming a surfboard, there are loads of options.

I'm definitely not a normal native Minnesotan, I never tubed much, we didn't have a cabin or a boat but I think if I knew someone with something like this I would have tagged along every time they went out on the lake!

The sumo tube is made by SPORTSSTUFF and you can find the sumo tube HERE. But I also found the sumo tube a ton of other places like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.


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