He was on the run.

A red fox was captured by the U.S. Capitol Police on Tuesday after they received several reports of the aggressive animal on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

Not only was this wild animal chasing squirrels that were on the ground, it even attacked Representative Ami Bera.

CBS News reports that the fox ran up to the representative, while unprovoked, and bit him on the back of his leg.

The bite was not severe, but Rep. Bera says that he has started a round of the rabies vaccine.

An alert was sent out to those around the Capitol building and it warned everyone to not approach the aggressive animal.

Still, this animal had one mission in mind, and it was to get its teeth on anything that moved, and it did.

Foxes aren't known for attacking people, but they will attack small animals. For a fox to go after someone, maybe a sign that it is rabid.

No one appeared to be seriously injured here, but the fox was ultimately captured by police before it could attack again.

Here are a few photos of the fox after it was in police custody. We can't confirm if it will be charged with resisting.


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