We usually only hear about gas prices when they're increasing, but there could be good news and less pain at the pump in southeast Minnesota soon.


That's because, according to this USA Today story, there could be a "'colossal collapse' in gas prices expected heading into midterm elections," the site said. Which is fine by me!

The story went on to say that prices could fall anywhere between 20 to 25-cents, and could even flirt with that $2 a gallon price-- in lower-taxed states, the story said. (Which, of course, ISN'T us here in Minnesota. In fact, the Tax Foundation says we have the 28th highest gas taxes in the country. At least, though, we pay less tax on gasoline than over in my home state of Wisconsin, which has the 19th highest gas taxes.)

The USA Today story noted that the coming price-break was due mainly to "sharply lower oil prices and declining wholesale gasoline prices." And, it also said we could see that relief at the pumps as soon as Tuesday. (I'm not holding my breath on that, though.)

I noted yesterday a gallon of unleaded gasoline was selling for between $2.69 and $2.71 a gallon in northwest Rochester, so if that story is right, we could eyeing prices of less than $2.50 a gallon. Which we'd all be totally OK with, right?

Usually at this time of year, it seems we see rising gas prices, which are most times blamed on the "switchover to the home heating season." But maybe this year we'll luck out. Gee, how will I spend all that extra money?!?

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