How long before someone mentions the '91 blizzard? Whenever we hear about snow in October it's usually the first thing out of Minnesotan's mouths, "That ain't nothin! I survived the '91 blizzard!" Well, the snow expected tomorrow won't be confused for any type of blizzard, but it will probably snarl some commutes. According to the National Weather Service, the Faribault Owatonna area will likely see 2-4 inches of fresh snow tomorrow.

Image Credit: National Weather Service - Chanhassen
Image Credit: National Weather Service - Chanhassen

The forecast is calling for "moderate to heavy snowfall" on Tuesday, with the majority of the heaviest snow falling in Central Minnesota. The Southern 1/3 of the state will see snow, with it likely changing over to a rain/snow combo in the evening and the overnight.

New this year is a winter storm severity index from the National Weather Service. The winter storm severity index breaks down what sort of impact the weather may have in any given area. The snow expected tomorrow is listed as a 'moderate' impact which according to the index means "rarely a direct threat to life and property with some damage being unavoidable. Typically results in disruptions to daily life."

In other words, it sounds like it will be a mess on the roads, so leave plenty of space between you and the next vehicle and keep an eye on your speed. Faribault Fire Department's Dusty Dienst was in this morning for a taping on the AM, and we talked a little about the impending snow. We both remarked that it always seems to take the first snowfall or two for people to get the hang of winter driving again.

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