70 seconds of terror for residents of a North Minneapolis neighborhood was caught on a doorbell camera. The doorbell camera starts off with rounds of gunfire being exchanged by individuals who you can see are in the street and next to a home. The muzzle flashes can be seen revealing the shooter's positions in the night.

The video shows the gunfire that erupted on the 3300-block of Emerson Avenue North around 9:45 Friday, July 9th. The shooting resulted in two victims being shot, one of which was a 3-year-old who according to Fox 9 in the Twin Cities the child who was shot is expected to survive.

Click here to watch the Ring Doorbell Video of the shooting

The doorbell camera, which starts with shots being fired, from the street and next to a residence, towards the area to the left of the camera. After more than 15 shots are fired the person in the street and next to the home run off in different directions. While the two individuals who were seen firing shots are no longer in the line of sight of the doorbell camera you still hear shots continuing on and off for another 40 seconds.

Towards the end of the video, you can hear a woman scream 'Oh my God'. Followed by a male yelling before the video ends on the Ring.com Neighbors video.

I found a link to the video from the North Minneapolis Crime Watch page, after a member posted a link to the video on the neighbor app portion of Ring.com for people to see it.

This unfortunately isn't the first shooting in North Minneapolis caught on a doorbell camera. Back in May, there was another shooting that was captured in broad daylight on a doorbell camera in the same area. Just a few days after 3 children were all ultimately fatally shot. Minneapolis police are still seeking information in regards to those shootings of the three children.

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