Held on the last Friday of April, it's Hairball Awareness Day. If you have a feline companion, face it you don't own a cat, they own you, then you know that EVERY day is hairball awareness day. Especially if you have a cat with a touchy tummy.

I was reminded of hairballs this morning, about 3:30 am, it's always that early/late? that they decide to yak up that hairball, and it's ALWAYS on the carpet, or freshly washed bedding. Thankfully our one cat warns us by yowling really loudly before he starts retching.

Hairball Awareness Day was created as an "invitation to be aware and to practice preventative measures to help kitty through this nasty process. Practice regular grooming with a pet brush to reduce the amount of ingested fur, and offer a vet-recommended diet for hairball prevention. Be aware that occasional hairballs are to be expected, but frequent hairballs could indicate a problem."

From experience here, we have 2 felines that proudly run our home, short of shaving all their fur, they are going to be yakking up hairballs, and there's really not much you can do about it. Although I have learned to keep my bedroom door closed during the day so I don't have to wash my bedding the day after I just washed it. Why is it always clean bedding?

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