Matthew Hartley is charged and on trial for the hit and run death of 24-year-old Army Specialist Mollie Mahowald back in September.

According to KSTP, Scott County prosecutors called many witnesses to the stand on Wednesday. The county attorney argues Hartley was drunk and driving his motorcycle on the wrong side of the road in the early morning on Sept. 25 when he struck Mahowald and then took off.

Three people questioned say they saw Hartley intoxicated outside Captain Black's Bar in Elko New Market, but that they did not see him drinking. A video was shown to the jury showing Hartley and someone else leaving the bar and accelerating quickly before the crash.

Aaron Deer, Mollie's boyfriend, testified he didn't see the crash because his view was blocked, that he went over to Hartley after the crash and asked if he was OK and then he saw one of Mollie's shoes in the road.

Again, according to KSTP, more witnesses are scheduled on Thursday. It's not clear if Hartley will take the stand or not.

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