Faribault, Minnesota has so many unique murals for everyone to enjoy. There's a total of 12 around town. Have you seen them all? There's one in particular that caught my eye recently and that's the Zipper Mural.

There's a total of 12 murals around Faribault including the Zipper Mural. Another one of the murals that we've actually talked about in the past is called Love for All and features some Jordyn Brennan. The mural features beautiful flowers and each flower represents a business in town. For example, the blue and white clematises are for Donahue's Greenhouse. What a great idea and amazing mural! You can read more about that mural HERE.

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But I can honestly say I haven't gone by the Zipper Mural in Faribault, but I'm glad I heard about it now because this is also impressive work! According to MNPrairieRoots.com, the mural was completed late last year. It's in the alley behind 213 Central Ave in Faribault. The mural makes it look like the building is unzipping from the top, revealing a very colorful city skyline while the unzipped side looks like the existing building but with a few windows added for detail and a giant zipper running down the side.

Credit: Jeff Jarvis

If you want to check out the Zipper Mural, why not make it a little mural tour around Faribault. Below you can check out a map that shows where all 12 of the murals are around Faribault.

Credit: Downtown Faribault

Keep scrolling to check out a mural in another part of southeast Minnesota that was done by artist Kathleen Roling.

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