A mural honoring one of the most famous Minnesotans is taking shape in downtown Minneapolis. Work on this impressive mural honoring the legacy of Prince began on May 16th, 2022.

Standing over 100 feet tall and being painted on the exterior of Ramp A, this work of art is being done by Heiro Veiga of Miami. The idea for a mural in this location has been in the works for seven years now, and over half a million dollars had to be raised for the project to happen. Corporate sponsors in US Bank, Target, the Minnesota Twins, and Best Buy all got involved in the project as well. The money raised not only funds the painting but also helps the preservation of it for the next three decades.

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Walking past it on May 28th it was really coming together. The outline was all there, and the vibrant colors were getting filled in. The bottom right corner portrait was already completed. I love the location as well because it's as though Prince is looking over his beloved First Ave venue.

The mural is expected to be finished by June 2, and there will be a block party to unveil it.

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