Get out and enjoy this mild weather we are having because early to mid-week next week we are in for a rude winter awakening. It wasn't enough that parts of Minnesota got dumped on with over 20 inches of snow recently, mother nature for good measure is adding a dose of Arctic air to chill us to the bone as well. 

According to The Weather Channel, "bitterly cold temperatures are predicted in parts of the Northern Plains and upper Midwest early to mid-next week. Highs may struggle to rise out of the single digits from parts of the Dakotas into portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin." OK, Terrific.

They are also saying that with this cold air mass that will be moving in, there might be a chance of some "moisture overlapping the cold front" which might create winter snowstorms in some areas.

It won't be anything like the Polar Vortex of 2013-2014, that was one of the top-10 coldest winters for 7 midwest states including Minnesota. This cold snap is only expected to last two days it more than enough to remind us that winter is here.

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