Brr. It was a chilly start to the day for many. If your vehicle sits outdoors, it might have been a struggle to get it turned over this morning as air temps sat around -12 to -10 last night. The wind chill was the real deal-breaker for many, this morning we saw windchills in the range of -20 to -40 degrees. In fact, around 6:30 this morning Owatonna and the South Pole in Antarctica were only about 5 degrees apart for wind chills and 6 degrees apart air temp.

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The National Weather Service sent out a Tweet this morning with a bunch of wind chills from around the state and SE Minnesota had a few pop up as some of the coldest on the graphic.

Image Credit: @NWSTwinCities via Twitter

Showing up on the list, Owatonna, Fairmont, Waseca, Lakeville, Faribault, Red Wing, and Albert Lea.

For comparison sake here is what North Pole, Alaska was sitting at temp wise this morning.

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Unlike Antarctica and the North Pole, Owatonna, and the rest of Southeastern Minnesota is expected to rise above zero today into the low single digits, before snow and warmer temps arrive tomorrow.

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