Recently, both Pfizer and Moderna announced that COVID-19 vaccines are close to being a reality. To get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated? That is the question being asked to Americans.

This question, and others, was asked by Harmony Healthcare IT to 2,000 Americans from all over the United States. Here's what they found out:

  • Less than half (46%) of American citizens said they would take the vaccination for COVID 19 immediately.
  • Another 40% said they would get the vaccine after they saw how safe and effective
  • Only 14% said they would not get the vaccine.

Top 5 reasons people have against getting vaccinated:

  1. Side effects
  2. Safety and effectiveness
  3. I won't need a vaccination
  4. Don't believe in vaccinations
  5. Cost concerns

So how did Minnesota and our Upper Midwest neighbors feel about getting a vaccine? Minnesota was higher than the national average, our neighbors were well -- way, way lower.

Will you receive a COVID-19 vaccination?

Yes, as soon as I can:

  • Minnesota: 52%
  • Wisconsin: 24%
  • Iowa: 22%
  • North Dakota: 15%
  • South Dakota: 11%

Yes, but will wait to see how it plays out:

  • Minnesota: 41%
  • Wisconsin: 55%
  • Iowa: 56%
  • North Dakota: 66%
  • South Dakota: 76%

When it comes to the side effects of the vaccine, everybody seems concerned about the possibility.

  • Minnesota: 76% said yes
  • Wisconsin: 79% said yes
  • Iowa: 83% said yes
  • North Dakota: 81% said yes
  • South Dakota: 79% said yes

Find out more on the survey from Harmony Healthcare IT.

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