Like many people, I start my day with a cup of coffee, sometimes several cups. I love coffee. I love the taste, the burst of energy, the warmth on a cold morning, I love the scent, and I love catching up with people over a cup. But there are so many ways to make a cup of coffee, I had to wonder what the most popular is.

In college, when I first began to truly appreciate the amazing beverage that is coffee, I almost always opted for a specialty drink, usually a mocha. Once I started working in an office setting with temperatures that seemed impossibly cold, I drank my coffee black, mostly because it was there, and more importantly, it was warm. I still enjoy the fun flavorful coffees, but these days I prefer to save those for the weekend while catching up with friends.

Here at the studios, almost everyone has a caffeine habit, but we have a couple of people who don't care for coffee and stick to soda.

Where do you fall? Are you a coffee addict? Maybe you can't stand coffee. Let me know by taking the poll!