Do you have 10 minutes to spare in your day? We all probably do when you think about it, 10 minutes isn't too much time to ask for, right?

A recent study, by researchers at the University of Michigan, shows that just 10 minutes of exercise is enough to improve your mood!

So if you're a busy bee and think that you don't have time to get a good enough work out in, you'd be wrong!

And good news for people who hate running: the study also shows that any type of exercise will help! Cardio, weight training, stretching, whatever, as long as your body is moving. Which is great, because I'm not a huge fan of running.

Newsweek states that “The odds ratio of being happy was 52 percent higher for people who were categorized as very active, dropping to almost 30 percent for the sufficiently active, and 20 percent for the insufficiently active."

Alright, now I feel like I really don't have an excuse to not work out, it only takes 10 minutes to get a great benefit!


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