We all know the alphabet song. We all know what follows after the letters 'e' and 'f', but in a recent study conducted by John Hopkins University people couldn't tell you what the correct second version of the letter 'G' looks like. You can see if you can figure it out the right version below.

I for one didn't realize that there were two stylized versions of 'G'. One version is the "opentail" one typically used when writing by hand. The second type is the "looptail" one often used in typeset forms of the letter—meaning you encounter it in many of the books, newspapers, magazines, websites, and emails you read.

Now it's time to see if you can figure out the 'right' version of the looptail letter 'G'. (the answer is on the bottom of the image, no cheating!)

What 'G' is the right 'G'?
Image Credit: John Hopkins University Study

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