A school district is often times a miniature of our community as a whole. On this upcoming Tuesday April 10th, the Faribault Public School Superintendent Todd Sesker is seeking the communities input on what changes they would like to see in our area school's facilities.

The meeting is supposed to be an open discussion about creating an environment for our area kids that the community feels is right. The district and the Superintendent want to hear what you feel the district 'needs'. Those in attendance should be prepared to discuss why what you mentioned is a 'need', and how it would improve the experience of those attending the Faribault Public School District.

In an email response from Superintendent Sesker, he stated that: "We are just asking for feedback from community members about how we can improve our facilities."

The meeting will be held on Tuesday April 10th from 6-8pm at South Central College here in Faribault.

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