The amount of snow we have gotten this April, and how cold it has been, has really got me questioning why I live in Minnesota. Why haven't I moved yet? Don't worry I'm not actually going anywhere! I would just really appreciate it if Mother Nature caught up with the calendar and provided us with some nice weather for once.

Because of the negativity towards being a Minnesotan that has brewed up, I wanted to see how other people felt. So I took to Facebook and asked you guys,

What's the worst part about being a Minnesotan?

Here is what you came up with!

Ryan Gunther says "Summer is 4 months too long." Hmmm I'm not following, I wish summer was longer!

Sam McDonald says "The Minnesota Vikings." Oh boy, someone isn't supporting the home team!

Judy Paukert says "Trying to figure out what to wear for the weather each day!" Yes! Especially in the spring. Cold in the morning when you go to work, hot when you leave work. There's no in between!

And of course the winter was a BIG one!

William Barnes and Jaycie Moore both said they don't like the snow.

Mike Haase and Gregory Stweart say they hate the April snow specifically.

And Marshall Armstrong says he doesn't mind winter but it's too long.

I would agree with all five of you but especially Marshall, if winter was 3 months shorter I'd be fine.


If you want to weigh in, follow this link!



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